Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Natural Mosaic

Wet MosaicErosion - The force of nature that works by persistence and persistence alone. Chipping away at big boulders, inch by inch by inch. Making mosaics out of formidable rocks, making valleys out of majestic mountains and making canyons out of firm and solid ground.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The World is beyond the Window.

A World beyond the Window.
A World beyond the Window. Hosted on Zooomr

The Many Faces of Ganesha

The many faces of Ganesha.The many faces of Ganesha. Hosted on Zooomr
Oh! What's it with temple priests and photography. The priest got really pissed off when he came to know that I was getting trigger happy around the temple and literally threw me out. I had to feign piety and apologize to shoot this beautiful vinakayaka by keeping the camera inside my shirt.

Now I finally understand what my mother meant when she said "Every vinakaya has a story to tell".

The Smiling Buddha.

The Smiling BuddhaThe Smiling Buddha Hosted on Zooomr

The Buddha smiled, and from his mouth came five-colored rays of light, each shining on King Bimbisara's head. Although the old king was confined, with his unhindered mind's eye he saw the Buddha in the distance. He knelt down in homage to the Buddha and effortlessly made spiritual progress until he reached the stage of a non-returner - Nirvana.
- Bodhisittava Sutra.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

What lies inside of a Rose?

The sweet nectar the bumble bees seek lies behind a veil of pink petals, covering the treasure that the bee covets. As one consumes the other, both in total consummation, dance to the tunes of nature. As the bee leaves the flower satisfied of its hunger the flower droops in fulfillment. The glorious opera of life played out by nature with the actors performing their roles to perfection.

Marigold Beauty.

Xenophobia - The fear or aversion to things that are not native.

Not everything that's not native is to be despised, not everything that's feral is ugly. This lovely marigold, a feral to the landscape it was found in - semi arid shrub land. A phirangi. Yet the fact does not seem diminish its beauty in any way.

More of these shots can be seen on my flickr page.