Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Tomb of the Stonemasons.

This sombre sight has an interesting story behind it. These are not ordinary tombs, but tombs of stonemasons. The ones who created the magnificent Adalaj step well - a truly astounding subterrianan edifice . The well was constructed by an invading ruler who fell in love with the queen of the kingdom. He ordered the construction of this well to please her.

Once the well was finished and the king happy to find the queen pleased asked the masons whether any well could be constructed as magnificent as this one. The stonemasons in a bout of pride answered yes. The king enraged and fearing someone could entice his new found love away from him ordered the execution and made sure their tombs were placed on top of the well as a reminder to others.

This could be a story of where pride could go before the fall, or the vain of vanity but simply the fundamental moral is always, and I say always know that your boss is always right.

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